Do you sell to the public?

Yes. Our showroom is at 40 Caswell Street, East Brisbane; phone (07) 3391 4427 with your glass needs.

Do you cut glass to size?

Yes we do. For small glass orders, we can even cut your glass while you wait!

Do you go onsite to measure?

Yes, just ring us with your address and glass details and we will promptly find you and sort out all your requirements.

Do you charge for quotes?

No. Contact us to organise a free quote.

Do you have a display room of glass samples?

Yes, with many samples to choose from. Our address is 40 Caswell Street, East Brisbane (find us here).

Do you repair broken glass on-site?

Yes, just call (07) 3391 2247 and we will fix your glass problem.

Do you install mirrors in bathrooms etc?

Yes, we install all our glass products. From mirrors, to feature slump glass panels, to Breezway louvre systems, to leadlights. Everything we make, we can install.

Do you repair leadlights?

That would be another YES.

Do you do leadlight work?

We do, but please note this is time-honoured finicky work and as such, customers must realise that jobs cannot be completed 'yesterday'.

Do you do glass re-silvering?

No, it is better to purchase a new mirror. Our experience shows that once a backing starts to fail it is only a matter of time before it will continue to peel, even if retreated.

Do you do new commercial and aluminium work?


Do you do commercial high-rise buildings?


Can you fix my mirror?

Absolutely, bring it to us at 40 Caswell Street, East Brisbane or phone (07) 3391 4427 to learn more.

Where do you use safety glass?

We follow the Australian standards for Glass in building selection and installation AS1288-2006. At Suburban Glass and Leadlights, we follow all the health, safety and legal requirements, expected of us.