Slump or Feature Glass

Slump or feature glass is the term for flat plate glass, which is heated in a large kiln until it slowly flows or 'slumps' into prepared refractory moulds or patterns created in sand.

Very popular with those wishing to create a unique look, this technique can be used in:

  • Shower Panels / Shower Screens
  • Restaurant Signage
  • Corporate Logos
  • Entrances
  • Tabletops
  • House Numbers
  • Archways
  • Office Glass Partitions.

Every project is customised to your specific needs and as such, no two patterns of glass are identical. Let your imagination run wild with this versatile medium!

We have seven standard slump patterns currently available. Scroll through our image gallery to view our slump glass patterns or visit our showroom at 40 Caswell Street, East Brisbane.